It's allready been a long day for Emily, but instead of turning down the heat, I attempt to boil our lass...Emily looks like a lass...what a fine young lass with a fine young ass...and that's where I focus my efforts for a's nice to break out the floggers from time to time and lay a fast barrage on an ass until it pops up's Emily's ass this time and it gets red fast, but that's really no reason to stop with such a fair skinned subject...I think I eventually stop because I can't resist the urge to grope her up and down and finger her cunt...she's so helpless...then i fuck her deep with a large silicon cock...In the next scene, I enjoy humiliating her for the camera and for you folks...I wish you all could be here for this shit.

StrictRestraint   Emily Addison

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StrictRestraint   Emily Addison

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