Insex – 318

19 Sep 2010

Insex - 318

Blinded by a couple of opaque contact lenses, 1030 gazes vacantly around the room, nervously expecting her fate. PD has so many cruel plans for the poor thing–and she’ll not at any time watch what’s coming to her.

After an hour of languishing in a harsh wrist and ankle bondage, the miniature brunette hair is chained down to a metal chair. Her pale blue eyes are held wide open so that the lenses can be put in place. Sneaking up on his blind sufferer, PD gives her a hardly any wonderful whacks with the elephant’s trunk as a reminder of how vulnerable that babe indeed is. Vision nearly totally obstructed, that babe balances on a couple of tall heels for the remainder of the preshow, anxiously anticipating what will come next.

At the show’s begin, that babe is tied in a crouching position and instructed to remove her lacy blouse and short petticoat. Supported by a pulley, that babe is to balance on her knees during the time that PD strikes her golden skin with a rod and the elephant’s trunk. Tears pouring from her darksome eyes, that babe twists and turns, sobbing loudly.

She is next pulled into a full suspension. Weights attached to a labia clothespeg stretch her cum-hole painfully; this babe moans, pain but enduring.

Belted down to a metal grill, this babe howls as big needles are throughout every of her nipps, along with some other throughout the internal labia. Weights hanging from the piercings pull her milk sacks upward and vagina lips down.

A tub of water is placed underneath the table and 1030 is flipped upside down with her head hovering close over it. PD flogs her cum-hole untill it is bright pink then immerses her face to silence the screams. Wailing hysterically, 1030 implores for this soreness to end.

Tipped back to a upright position, this babe is impaled on a big sex toy. PD vibrates her swollen love button untill that babe is about to come but then stops to surprise her with a scarcely any last blows. She is quickly calmed one time anew with the touch of the dildo. Moaning softly, her blind eyes roll back and this babe against the metal device.

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Insex - 318

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