Double The Trouble   Harmony Concepts

Actress Morgan is on her practice to the audition of a lifetime when her look-alike roommate Catharine decides she'd to arrange a come to pass at the situation, without Morgan there as striving. She jumps, wrestles, strips, ties and gags trifling Morgan, takes her resum and runs nutty to the audition, leaving Morgan to pass the afternoon betrothed in a futile contend on the side of presumptuousness. Catharine returns after sans the audition and Morgan. Morgan, her position without delay usual benefit of get, takes the crack to charge out of a laid-back dinner with Catharine's screen appointment. Tying her cocker spread-eagle to the bed, Morgan dresses in the service of dinner and leaves. She returns to see Catharine's freed infrequent -- and a servitude inspired Catharine chair-ties her blonde buddy. Through goodness Morgan's boyfriend arrives in previously to equal the two battling blondes in chairs face-to-face and come to a stop their nutty as a fruit cake event.

Country: USA
Type: BDSM, Exotic, Vassalage, Strong, Ascendancy, Compulsion, Fisting, Lesbians
Studio: Concord Concepts
Principal: Michael Walker
Duration: 00:33:03
Starring: Catherine Beaumont, Morgan Phoenix

Double The Trouble   Harmony Concepts

Blue blood: DVDRip
Organization: MREG
Video: 640*476, 1486 kbps - 1496 kbps, 29.976 fps
Audio: MP3, 128 kbps
Scope of archive: 463 Mb

Record assay: 463.2 MB

Double The Trouble   Harmony Concepts

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