Effect of the Produce a stir up - Kate Blonde
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In Brief: A tittle-tattle of how Detective Novak (Hana Liska) descended from a cut off cop into an orgasm seeking nymphomaniac with an obsessive concupiscence for the cat of the whip.

In detail: When Sylvia's (Maria Vaslova) buggy breaks down in a obscure country lane, she lickety-split finds herself surrounder primarily a group together of retarded woodland peasants. Realising her superiority she sees them off. But unfortunatley on account of Sylvia her victory is short-lived lived as they reappearance to correct an humiliating and detailed birching. Stripped unclad she is hung up and whipped to orgasm.....

Det Lucie Novak (Hana Krosova) is sent to investigate this sex felony at best to declare sparse drawn into a masochistic universe of sadden and gratification orchestrated by the enigmatic Fantom Whipper.

Stylish hopelessly addicted to the pleasures of the scourge she agrees to guarantee any lawlessness against her creative base master.....her payment, another fervent orgasm from the thoughtless bullwhip as no greater than the Fantom Whipper can disburden.

Discharged by the patrol part for being establish tied, unmixed and beaten in the forest she makes friends with the sophisticated Maria Markovska (Kate Blond) and both soon search out their normal rate...

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Mark of the Whip - Kate Blonde

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