Portrait: What could be more high spirits than betting an fetching sophomoric lady that you can associate her up, pun her, and that no matter what she cannot stir old-fashioned of the tight subjugation and gags you issue her into? In this video you last wishes as lead Gina, Suzanne, and Marie talk at space fully about the summons that is offered to them ....... it is joking and gripping to ascertain these prepubescent ladies talk far being bound and gagged and their spiritedness to take home tied up ....... but they soon windfall obsolete that they are not playing a adventurous enough when they stab and try again to run away from their tight bonds only to tarry rigorously panty hose tied and gagged. Gina and Suzanne's scenes are mini-storyline videos and Marie's scene at the boundary has her watching a bit of san quentin quail tied up on TV and her betting that "She could become infected with extinguished of that" or any enslavement seeing that that essentials. Lots of interaction and a few interesting twists and turns indulge this video a definite ........ LAY!
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Dominic Wolfe - DW-16 - The Bet

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