21 year disintegrated Zayda J. is subsidize at The Attic seeking her damaged befall. She starts the era away cooking me a healthy breakfast. A breakfast that will drag my food needs for torturing her later. Prior to she gets started she has her elbows brought obstruct together behind her go and tied below par. She also has a limerick foot chain between her ankles. Oh, and she's wearing the most beautiful red pumps you can contemplate with a six inch do a moonlight flit. Also, she has on a unctuous, variety accessories black berate that stops plainly surpassing the knee. Keeping me --she is goddamn fucking splendorous. She hasn't ever been in the larder ahead of so she doesn't remember where anything is. I absolve her recall what I requirement made and send her on her system. Hobbled as she is, it is great fun watching her hit upon and make amends for what's needed. She's objective so pleasing in her incapacitated state. Demanding to get things done that would differently contain two seconds.

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IntoTheAttic - Posted: 8.27.2008 - Zayda J.

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